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This is a podcast about all things Blizzard Entertainment. We cover all of their games on a weekly basis. We talk World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Starcraft 2. Each week Dusty and Ryan talk about their weeks in the Blizzard Universe, the recent news, and a topic related to the Blizzard gaming sphere. This podcast was inspired by shows like The Instance, Convert To Raid, Overwatchers, Angry Chicken, and so much more! If you are into blizzard games this is the show for you!
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Sep 4, 2017

Blizzard Umbrella #29 Argus and 7.3, Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch, New Mercy, and Junkertown, and Gamescon Recaps


This week Blizzard Umbrella is back for the twenty eighth recording.  The guys have both been extremely busy on the show, off the show, in game, and out of game.  This week the guys are excited to talk about a lot of the news coming out of the Blizzard camp.  This week the guys are talking about 7.3, Overwatch changes, and a lot of Gamescon recaps..  The website is up and running and you can find it at to find out about the show and what they have been up to. 

What We’ve Been Up to:

Ryan over the last two weeks has been spending a lot of time getting back into the swing of school and spending time with his girlfriend who is finally back.  In game Ryan’s guild finally managed to get Heroic KJ down and is looking towards Mythic now.  Ryan has also been playing some Hearthstone again.  He has been enjoying it for the most part and is looking forward to getting some more cards.  Other than that he has been playing some Overwatch when he can.

Dusty has been spending a good amount of time checking out Argus. Outside of WoW Dusty, along with Ryan, and The Blue Recluse guys, finished off their last season’s placement matches in Overwatch and had a blast.  Dusty has been spending a lot of time in Overwatch on his own as well.  Hearthstone as usual has been at the top of the list for games played for Dusty.  A bunch of the classes have new spell animations that are more than worth checking out.

World of Warcraft:

7.3 is here.  Argus is finally ours to explore and the beginning of the end starts now.  This patch has brought with it many changes to the game that make it a bit more alt friendly.  Mythic plus dungeons have been scaled up in difficulty and right now a plus ten will give you a max item level weekly cache.  This will be week 1 of 3 for content release on Argus.  This patch also brings inherently learned artifact knowledge for all players so everyone will always be at the same artifact knowledge, even fresh toons and players.  All characters will have their 3rd relic slot unlocked upon hitting 110.  The new nethershards are veiled argunites.  650 will get you a 910 item.  The nethershard vendor is now on the Vindicar as the veiled argunite vendor.  Eventually players will have access to the Netherlight Crucible for relic traits, a shoulder enchant for argunite clusters, and an unlimited use augmented runestone.


Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch are now live and the new Mercy and Junkertown are on PTR.  Both Ryan and Dusty were super pumped with the Mei and Junkertown animated shorts.  Also new to Overwatch are some upcoming changes to the punishment system, which is intended to help eliminate trolls and leavers in the competitive system. 


Kel’Thuzad is finally here!  He is on the ptr.  Along with this character the HotS dev team is a releasing a making of Kel’Thuzad YouTube series called “The Resurrecting of Kel’Thuzad”.  It’s a super cool series.


Knights of the Frozen Throne is well underway. The Gamescon cinematic fell on the fence for a lot of people but Dusty and Ryan it was amazing.  It did have a more Pixar feel to it but it represented the game really well and shows that Blizzard is good at many things.  HGG concluded at Gamescon and the US lost early.  Druid decks are becoming more and more problematic for a lot of people and the guys are curious if Blizzard will do anything to nerf them back into balance.

Destiny 2:

Sept 6th marks the release for console and Oct 24th marks the release for PC.  The beta’s respectively were both well received and the guys are hopeful this expansion does a better job capitalizing on its potential than its predecessor did.

Deep Thoughts with Dusty and Ryan:

Dusty asks Ryan what his thoughts are about the fact that Blizzard focused much of its efforts at Gamescon on cinematics and a lot of other non-direct game related content.  Ryan tells Dusty that Blizzard has to in order to keep up with current trends and stay competitive.  People like these things and these things are what set Blizzard apart from other companies.  If they don’t continue to be progressive on this front they risk losing their hold as one of the best gaming companies out there and possibly their livelihood.


Quiz Question:

Q) Who are the three Windrunner sisters?

A) Ryan nails it with Vereesa, Alleria, and of course Sylvannas.

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