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This is a podcast about all things Blizzard Entertainment. We cover all of their games on a weekly basis. We talk World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Starcraft 2. Each week Dusty and Ryan talk about their weeks in the Blizzard Universe, the recent news, and a topic related to the Blizzard gaming sphere. This podcast was inspired by shows like The Instance, Convert To Raid, Overwatchers, Angry Chicken, and so much more! If you are into blizzard games this is the show for you!
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May 5, 2017

Blizzard Umbrella #14: Lazy WoW team? Is there more to this quest?  May the 4th be with you!


This week Blizzard Umbrella is back for the fourteenth recording.  The guys have both been extremely busy but have managed to get another show in the books.  This week the guys talk about some of the important news in the Blizzard universe and some frustrations with 7.2.  The website is up and running and you can find it at to find out about the show and what they have been up to. 


A friend of the show, Michael aka AcidTearz, wrote the guys a super cool e-mail reliving his experience to Blizzcon '14.  When the guys talked about experiencing a moment where you can be with thousands of other people who share in the same passions, it really hit home for Michael.  The moment in question for Michael was Blizzcon '14.  He went into this adventure all on his own and came out with a new outlook and a whole new community to share in his passions.  Thanks a bunch Michael, the e-mail was awesome!  Keep up the good work!

A big thanks to both Rho over at Realm Maintenance and The Blue Recluse guys for all the support they have been giving to the Blizzard Umbrella team.

What We’re Up to:

This past week Dusty has been playing a lot of WoW.  He has unlocked flying and is relishing every moment he no longer is ground bound.  There have been some frustration for Dusty though, particularly with 7.2 and the dev team,.  This weeks Broken Shore quest is to do 12 world quests in the zone.  Dusty doesn't understand why there is a quest that has nothing other than to go do world quests which by the way you can't do it in one sitting.  Why can't the dev team give a quest that has more to do with the actual opening and story behind the Tomb of Sargeras?  Ryan agrees and thinks that Blizzard has been lazy with the opening of ToS since the beginning of 7.2.  Mid June for the raid drop is way too long and indicative of the very thing they were looking to avoid this expansion.  Dusty also feels like Legion is probably one of the least alt friendly expansions.  Part of this for Dusty is due to the amount of repeat content that is required to level up alts.  Ryan talks about how there have been points of catch up for alts with AK catch up mechanics and changes to that system.  That being said he still feels like Wrath has been the most alt friendly expansion.  In order to level alt this expansion, however, the hurdles that are necessary to overcome are artifact traits and legendaries.  When leveling an alt the biggest things to focus on are getting your boosted artifact knowledge, starting the artifact knowledge research, opening the third relic slot, and then doing every world quest that has resources, artifact power, and gear.  Dusty has been tapping into some of the gear obtaining resources in game currently and has bumped his hunter's item level by almost 10 levels.

Other than WoW Dusty has been playing a lot of Hearthstone and recaps a little bit of the Dreamhack Hearthstone tournament.  Dusty also talks about the excitement that comes with the potential drop of the Necromancer in Season 11 of Diablo.

Ryan hasn't had a ton of game time other than WoW due to it being his last week of the semester.  That being said he has however gotten his Shaman up to speed for raiding and has been enjoying the new toon.  On top of that, he has been working behind the scenes on a soon to be announced podcast that focuses on the WoW raiding scene and a potential discord community.


WoW:  The mythic plus system is potentially seeing some big changes.  The chest system will likely be seeing a reduction of 1-3 chests to 1 chest no matter how fast you do the run.  The 1 chest will have more items based on the speed of the dungeon completion.  Keystones will now either go up or down based on completion.

Overwatch:  Hanzo is getting some bumps to his damage output with a reduced charge time on storm bow.  Genji, Soldier, Orissa, Reaper, and Reinhart also have some potential changes coming. 

HotS: The 2.0 event and exciting adventures are still active!

Help Wanted:

The show is still looking for a third co-host.  If you are interested and think you would be a good fit, use the contact info listed below to get in touch with the guys.

If you would be interested in being a part of a discord community that strives to aid the WoW raiding community with resources that compliment the already existing class discords, contact Ryan.

Where to find us:

Come check us out on our website! -

E-mail: E-mail any questions or topics you’d like Dusty and Ryan to cover in upcoming episodes.

Twitter : @BlizzUmbrella

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Thanks as always for listening to the show!  Come find us and say hello.  We love hearing feedback and always are ready to answer any questions you guys have!  Thanks again and we will talk to you next week!

Con Before The Storm 2017

For those of you looking to go to Blizzcon or wanting to check out and support any of the events going on around the convention check out the link below.  Con Before the Storm is a preconvention convention put on by creators in the Blizzard community as way for the players to meet, interact, and celebrate any and all things Blizzard.  Blizzard employees have been known to make appearances and mingle with the players.  Just saying!

For those of you that do make contributions thanks in advance on behalf of the people making all this happen.


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