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This is a podcast about all things Blizzard Entertainment. We cover all of their games on a weekly basis. We talk World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Starcraft 2. Each week Dusty and Ryan talk about their weeks in the Blizzard Universe, the recent news, and a topic related to the Blizzard gaming sphere. This podcast was inspired by shows like The Instance, Convert To Raid, Overwatchers, Angry Chicken, and so much more! If you are into blizzard games this is the show for you!
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Mar 28, 2017

Blizzard Umbrella #10 : It is patch day!!  What to expect in 7.2!


This week Blizzard Umbrella is back for the tenth recording.  The show brings you a special episode this week that is all about the new World of Warcraft patch, 7.2 Tomb of Sargeras.  You can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.  You can also find us on Twitter @BlizzUmbrella and e-mail us at  The website is up and running and you can find it at to find out about us and what we’ve been up to.  This week the show discusses 7.2 and all things to expect.  Why, because its patch day!


Ryan has worked very hard and very quickly to get the website up and running.  There has been a lot of caffeine involved and blood shot eyes but it has all been worth it and very fun.  Go check it out at and give some feedback!

What We’re Up to:

This past week Ryan’s guild pushed out the progression raid to Sunday in an attempt to kill heroic Gul’dan, and kill Gul’dan they did.  Ryan was able to force a wowprogress update by requesting armory updates from 14 of his guild’s raid members and the guild now shows the kill credit.  On to mythic they go!!  Grats to them!  Other than WoW Ryan has been fighting an uphill battle in competitive Overwatch trying to break into gold. 

Dusty has been doing the typical day to day in WoW in anticipation of 7.2.  Dusty also talks about how he really enjoys classes with an overabundance of mobility.  In Diablo, Dusty has been cleaning up his stash space so he has room when season 10 drops and can not wait for the new armory coming to the game.  The new season cosmetic rewards seem lackluster to Dusty and he also mentions he will be playing a Wizard and would love for people to join him.  He checks out Orissa in Overwatch and thinks she is tons of fun.  Other than gaming Dusty has been reading Chronicles Vol. 2 and absolutely loves it.

It’s patch day, it’s patch day, it is patch day!

7.2 is bringing a lot of changes and additions to the game.  This makes it hard to know where to start when you log in for the first time.  Ryan suggests upon logging in to start your artifact and order hall research, open the new artifact traits, and then jump over to the broken shore to start opening up the zone.  The new traits take the current 20 point trait and combine it into one which will be the first trait you want to get past the initial 35.  If you are past 35 artifact traits the AP you are refunded will be usable in the new traits whether it be the new ones or the additional available points in old ones.  54 traits gets you almost 5 additional traits from the refunded AP.  There will be 7 different quests to unlock these traits that are broken up amongst all the classes.  These quests will be necessary to unlock the new traits.  It will take some time to max out to level 40 artifact knowledge.  The new artifact appearances will require you to be level 110, have 35 traits, open the empowered traits, and have the Mage Tower up on the Broken Shore.  This will allow you to do one of many quests available for the classes to get their challenge appearances.  These challenges will not be easy.  Class mounts will require you to be exalted with the new reputation, Armies of the Legion Fall and complete the eleven week quest campaign.  Pathfinder part 2 to get flying will take at least two weeks that requires you to do all of the invasions on the Broken Shore that don’t open until the second week 7.2 is live.  The requirements for flying and the class mounts are different.  All loot drops for level 110 content have their base item level increased.  BOE craftable legendaries make their debut.  Gearing up now for alts should be drastically quicker.  Legendaries can now be worn at level 101.  In the immediate do the scenario quest on the Broken Shore, open your new traits, and start your research.  In the long term make sure to continue to get Armies of the Legion Fall reputation, work towards getting your Champions of the Legion Fall followers and work towards class mounts.  We don’t exactly know when Tomb of Sargeras will open up but Ryan feels like it will be around one month.  Ryan is really looking forward to the Tomb of Sargeras raid so his guild can reap the benefits of all their hard work to get into mythic raids and start the end of the Legion.  Dusty is really enjoying the rate of content release. 


No news this week in light of the special episode for the patch.

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Thanks as always for listening to the show!  Come find us and say hello.  We love hearing feedback and always are ready to answer any questions you guys have!  Thanks again and we will talk to you next week!

7.2 Patch Notes

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