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This is a podcast about all things Blizzard Entertainment. We cover all of their games on a weekly basis. We talk World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Starcraft 2. Each week Dusty and Ryan talk about their weeks in the Blizzard Universe, the recent news, and a topic related to the Blizzard gaming sphere. This podcast was inspired by shows like The Instance, Convert To Raid, Overwatchers, Angry Chicken, and so much more! If you are into blizzard games this is the show for you!
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Jul 24, 2017

Blizzard Umbrella #25: Overwatch League, Ice Cream Citadel, Chronicles Volume 3, and Follower Catch Up!!


This week Blizzard Umbrella is back for the twenty fifth recording.  The guys have both been extremely busy on the show, off the show, in game, and out of game.  This week the guys are excited to talk about a lot of the news coming out of the Blizzard camp.  Dusty is off on a family vacation and Cole from The Raider’s Confessional joins Ryan as a special guest for this week’s episode.  Cole and Ryan spend some time talking about Doomfist, the Overwatch League, the Necromancer, Ice-Cream Citadel, Stukov, Method killing mythic KJ, Chronicles Volume 3, and follower ilvl catch up in 7.3.   The website is up and running and you can find it at to find out about the show and the guys.

What We’ve Been Up To:

Cole this past week has been fighting a cold and been fighting some damaged tech from a rogue lightning strike.  It was a wonder he was even able to get on to do this weeks show.  Outside of battling some real life Cole has been able to play some Necromancer in anticipation for the upcoming season in D3.  In WoW he has been gearing up his fire mage alt. 

Ryan has been spending a lot of his time when not working on either podcast, working and getting ready for his trip out to Colorado to see the gf.  In WoW Ryan has been working on his Vengeance Demon Hunter.  Ryan also managed to get some more time in with Doomfist as he anticipates Doomfist hitting live servers.

Diablo 3:

The double xp weekend ended last weekend and we hope that those of you that really enjoy some D3 action were all able to get in there and get some extra xp. Cole and Ryan spend some time talking about what aspect of D3 draws each of them to play the game. Both guys seem to enjoy killing a lot of mobs more than the gear grind.

Overwatch League and Doomfist:

Last week Ryan and Dusty talked about how the Overwatch League announcement felt a bit premature considering how little the community has heard or seen since the initial announcement.  This week however we finally here some news with the announcement of the first 7 cities to have Overwatch teams.  The other big announcement with this news is that 50% of all revenue out of the league will go into a shared revenue pool that all teams share.  This is very similar to some of systems we currently see in other professional sports. Cole brings up the question,  is Overwatch truly the game to bring e-sports to the next level?  The guys also spend some time talking about how the league will handle new characters that are introduced to the game.

To round out the Overwatch talk, the guys talk quickly about their excitement for Doomfist on live servers and what they currently like with the hero with what they currently know or have experienced.

Ice Cream Citadel:

Lately the Hearthstone team has been doing a fantastic job with the live action shorts they have been putting out.  The two most recent ones are centered around the Lich King to go along with the new expansion announcement.  Cole and Ryan spend some time talking about the newest short, The Ice Cream Citadel.


Alexei Stukov is officially on live servers and is seeing a lot of game play from the community.  He is very much a unique support character and a very enticing hero.

Mythic KJ dead, Chronicle Vol. 3, and Follower Catch Up in 7.3:

The EU boys over at Method have finally brought about Mythic KJ’s world first demise.  Congrats to them.  Nice to see their hard work pay off and put them back on top.

Chronicles Volume 3 pre-order is now available and Cole couldn’t be more excited.  Ryan asks Cole to briefly talk about what people can find in each of these books which then causes Ryan to want to purchase the first two volumes.

Currently with what the PTR has on it, there is a follower catch up system coming to the game in 7.3.  There will be a quest chain with 5 quests that players will do via their mission boards that will give players follower items and collectively level 6 follower to item level 925.  This will be doable in its current state by all players no matter how high their followers item levels are.

Where to Find us:

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Thanks as always for listening to the show.  Come find us and say hello.  We love hearing feedback and always are ready to answer any questions you guys have!  Thanks again and we will talk to you next week!

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