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This is a podcast about all things Blizzard Entertainment. We cover all of their games on a weekly basis. We talk World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Overwatch, Heroes of the Storm, Diablo, and Starcraft 2. Each week Dusty and Ryan talk about their weeks in the Blizzard Universe, the recent news, and a topic related to the Blizzard gaming sphere. This podcast was inspired by shows like The Instance, Convert To Raid, Overwatchers, Angry Chicken, and so much more! If you are into blizzard games this is the show for you!
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Mar 9, 2017


This week Blizzard Umbrella is back for the fourth recording of the Dusty and Ryan duo.  You can find the show on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play.  You can also find us on Twitter @BlizzUmbrella and e-mail us at  This week the show discusses the PTR and whether we like it or not.


Prior to this show there has been an oops.  You have all been told the wrong Twitter username to find the guys at.  The correct username if you want to find them is @BlizzUmbrella.  OOPS!

What We’re Up to:

This past week Ryan’s guild killed a few more bosses and is now 8/10 Heroic Nighthold.  Look out Gul’dan!  Ryan has been taking a break from all the WoWs outside of raiding to play a lot of Overwatch competitive play.  On top of that, Ryan has also been enjoying playing some Orissa on the Overwatch PTR.

Dusty has been pretty busy but has managed to get some gaming in.  This last week Dusty grabs the pet before the Diablo season ends.  In WoW Dusty finishes off pathfinder part 1 and the ending of the Suramar questline really catches Dusty’s eye. Pathfinder part 2 can’t come soon enough!  To top it all off, Dusty plays around with some funky deck combinations in hearthstone while waiting for Un’Goro to drop. 

Outside of Blizzard games Dusty has been playing Zelda on his new Nintendo Switch. 

To PTR or Not to PTR:

Outside of Hearthstone, all of Blizzard’s game have a PTR.  The PTR or Public Test Realm is an alternate version of each respective game that has future content on it.  Players can come try out this content and allow Blizzard to gain some feedback or find bugs prior to live launch.  When it comes to the, PTR Ryan and Dusty both agree that the PTR for WoW isn’t something that they want to utilize due to it potentially ruining the magic of each WoW encounter.  Games like Overwatch and HOTS are more gameplay oriented so the PTR isn’t such a big deal to Dusty and Ryan.  Hearthstone doesn’t use a PTR and the guys feel that it’s due to gameplay speed and simplicity.  Diablo and Starcraft both have a PTR and respectively they serve a particular purpose.  When it comes to WoW, the PVE scene at the top level is very competitive.  These guilds and players put in a lot of time and effort to try and be the World 1st.  In order to best prepare to achieve this objective they will spend a lot of time on the PTR putting together the strategies for their boss kills.  Does this ruin some of the prestigiousness of end game raiding?  This begs to question what is a good balance from a PTR perspective of what is enough for Blizzard to put on there for testing and what to hold back so as to keep things fresh and exciting?  In short, both Ryan and Dusty feel that the PTR is great for some games, not so great for other games, and pointless altogether for games like Hearthstone.


- In Overwatch, Orissa hits the PTR and already sees some nerfs, Ana and Bastion see some nerfs, Winston’s bubble CD gets changed, and Zarya sees a change to her bubble as well
- Probius makes the HOTS roster
- Hearthstone awaits the new expansion and new ladder changes go live
- WoW AP and Rep items gained prior to 7.2 are pointless to hold on to and the way the new artifact traits work is released
- The current Diablo season is ending soon, the new one is not far behind it, and when can you look to see the Necromancer


Another week is in the books as the duo of Dusty and Ryan chat all things Blizzard. Keep looking to see them bring more information and talks to you and they will talk to you next week.

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Probious Video:
Ben Brode raps Un’Goro:
Alternate rap video sped up 1.5x (This one is a lot more fun to listen to):

There are a lot more versions out there the public has gotten a hold of and they are all great.  Check them out on YouTube!  Good on you Ben!

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